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What Issues Can Orthodontic Treatment Fix?

Orthodontic treatment corrects malocclusions, which are problems with the alignment, spacing or positioning of the teeth and jaw. As specialists in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, our Doctors have the skill and experience to diagnose the underlying cause of your malocclusion and create the ideal treatment plan to remedy it. To learn more, schedule a free consultation online or by calling us at (864) 801-3500. Here are the most common problems we see at Davis Orthodontics:



When there isn’t enough space in the jaw for all of the teeth, crowding occurs. This can cause teeth to overlap or stick out. Crowding isn’t just a cosmetic concern, it also makes teeth more difficult to clean, potentially leading to tooth decay and gum disease.



When there’s too much room in jaw, the teeth will have gaps between them. This is the opposite of crowding and what is known as spacing. Eventually, significant spacing can result in bone loss and gum disease.



Overjet teeth, usually called an overbite, is when the top front teeth stick out too far past the lower front teeth. In some cases, the bottom teeth can even hit the roof of the mouth if the problem is severe enough. Overjet teeth are more susceptible to injury and uneven wear.



A crossbite occurs when the top teeth are behind the bottom teeth in the front of the mouth (anterior crossbite) or the back of the mouth (posterior crossbite). Most people move the jaw forward or to one side to compensate for their crossbite, which can causes permanent, unwanted changes to the facial structure and bones.



An underbite is when the lower jaw sticks out further than the upper jaw. Early intervention is important with an underbite in order to avoid the need for surgery as an adult. This type of malocclusion is associated with strain on the jaw muscles, sleep apnea and problems chewing.

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