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Straightening Your Teeth has Never Looked so Good

At Davis Orthodontics, we leverage the latest innovations in orthodontics to ensure all of our patients achieve flawless smiles quickly, comfortably and aesthetically. We have options to suit any age or lifestyle, including metal braces, clear braces and self-ligating braces. To find out which type will give you the best possible results, call us at (864) 801-3500 and schedule your complimentary consultation!


Clear Ceramic Braces

Clear braces are perfect for people in search of a more aesthetic look. They’re transparent, small in size and customized to fit your teeth and mouth so they’re barely noticeable. Our clear braces are safe and effective for patients of all ages.


Traditional Metal Braces

These are the most common type of braces and they’re still popular today because they’re so effective. However, modern braces are more streamlined and comfortable. These are a popular choice for patients who like to choose colorful elastics to show off their personality.


Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces also consist of brackets and wires, however, they don’t require ligatures (elastics or metal ties). The brackets have little doors that hold the memory wires in places. They’re a good option for patients who initially have significant crowding. The brackets are designed to provide a little less friction and, in some cases, this boosts efficiency and comfort.

Personalized Smile Solutions