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Orthodontic Treatment Your Way!

Having a healthy, beautiful smile is a powerful thing and it gives you confidence that will stay with you well beyond high school. The best part? With our advanced, teeth-straightening solutions, achieving that dream smile doesn’t have to interfere with your day-to-day life. At Davis Orthodontics, we’ll customize treatment to fit your needs and style, while also giving mom and dad peace of mind knowing you’ll be receiving the best possible care. To get started, call us at (864) 801-3500 to schedule your free consultation.


The Ideal Time for a Smile Transformation

It probably seems like all of your friends are in braces. That’s because the teenage years are a great time to kick off orthodontic treatment. Most of the permanent teeth have erupted and since you’re still growing, we can more easily shift the teeth and jaw into place for dramatic results.

Options for Every Smile

Braces aren’t as scary as you think and today’s varieties come in so many materials and styles. Life with braces has never been easier, more comfortable or better looking. Our Doctors offer both traditional metal braces and clear braces. Or, if you’d rather not wear braces at all, we’re also a leading provider of Invisalign Teen. We’ll find the solution that will bring out the best in your smile and help you look and feel great in the process.


Paving the Way for Lifelong Oral Health

Straight teeth are healthier teeth and beginning orthodontic treatment when you’re a teenager can have huge benefits down the road. We’ll make it a positive experience for you and your parents.


80% of teenagers in North America are currently in orthodontic treatment.


By about age 12 or 13, most teens have all of their permanent teeth (aside from the wisdom teeth).


In a survey, teeth were the number one most cited facial feature teenagers wished to change.

Dream Smiles Start Here