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9 Ways Invisalign Can Improve Your Long-Term Oral Health

By December 25, 2022Blog

The first thing many people imagine when you say “Invisalign” is the outcome of a straight, beautiful smile. And while that’s definitely the case, it doesn’t end there. You’ll find there’s a big list of other benefits, too, like how Invisalign can improve your overall and long-term oral health in many ways.

Dr. Buddy Davis and the team at Davis Orthodontics want to let you in on the benefits of Invisalign and straight teeth. So without further ado, here’s a list of 9 ways Invisalign can improve your oral health, right from the get-go and for years to come.

Crooked teeth are hard to keep sparkling clean. Extra nooks and crannies, tight spots between teeth — these can be difficult for your toothbrush to reach. And those in-between areas that need dental floss? Sometimes crowded teeth are so crammed together that it’s hard to even get dental floss in.

1. Straight teeth are easier to clean

Missing all those areas when you clean your teeth means that food debris and sticky plaque can turn into tooth decay and cavities. As the bacteria in plaque feeds off sugars, acid is released which eats away at protective tooth enamel. This weakened enamel is more prone to letting tooth decay take hold, which can lead to cavities.

On the flip side, straight teeth are much easier to keep clean. Optimal spacing and teeth that sit upright and aligned with each other means fewer hard-to-reach spaces — for both brushing and flossing. Your two-minute brushing time is more effective and efficient when you’re cleaning straight teeth.

One benefit you’re sure to experience during your Invisalign treatment is the habit of brushing and flossing more. With Invisalign, you want to ensure that food debris and plaque don’t get trapped between your teeth and your Invisalign clear aligners after you eat. So we suggest brushing your teeth after every meal and before you put your clear aligners back in.

2. Less tooth decay and gum disease

“I love getting cavities!” said no one ever. An amazing benefit of Invisalign and straight teeth is lower susceptibility to tooth decay and gum disease. As we mentioned above, brushing and flossing are much more effective with straight teeth. Score one for the benefits of straight teeth for cavity prevention!

Yes, cavities are not fun, and we can safely say that gum disease is even worse. Thankfully, with straight teeth, you’re less likely to get tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease develops in a number of ways, many are related to plaque left behind by the cleaning difficulties associated with crooked teeth. 

We’ve also seen in patients that when teeth are misaligned, sometimes their gums don’t fit around them adequately. So there can be extra spaces and pockets where oral bacteria can thrive, more easily infecting the gums and turning into serious gum disease. 

Gum disease can be reversed ifcaught and treated early. However, gum disease that progresses into periodontitis can’t be fixed, only managed. And it can lead to losing your teeth. Periodontitis happens to be the main cause of tooth loss — breaking down the tissue and bone that keeps a tooth in place. 

Advanced gum disease also can affect your overall long-term health, not just your oral health. Oral bacteria can enter your bloodstream if your gums bleed, thus, circulating to the rest of your body. And some research has shown a link between poor oral health and a number of health issues like diabetes, strokes, and heart disease. It’s suggested that the inflammation in your mouth can cause the same in your body. Here, the health benefits of straight teeth really have a major overall impact.

3. Stronger jawbone support

Did you know that gaps in your teeth can cause jawbone loss? It’s true. Which is why closing gaps with Invisalign treatment, getting a dental implant, or a combination of the two helps your overall oral health.

Think of it this way: without a tooth to hold on to, the alveolar bone — the part of your jawbone that anchors a tooth — has nothing to do. So it will begin to deteriorate and reabsorb from lack of use. Straight teeth in their ideal places help preserve the jaw bone and contribute to improved oral health.

4. Preventing uneven wear on teeth and enamel 

Your South Carolina orthodontists have seen a lot of unevenly worn teeth before patients start their Invisalign treatment. When teeth aren’t in their correct spots, some teeth bear the brunt of chewing forces more than others, resulting in excessive wear on some teeth and none on others.

But straight teeth receive and disburse biting pressure evenly. This helps you avoid jaw pain, receding gums, chipped or cracked teeth, and tooth loss.

5. Avoiding TMJ disorder and other pain

Speaking of bite forces, misaligned teeth and jaws can bring about undue stress on your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and your jaw. In turn, this can cause TMJ disorder and pain, migraines, and sore, stiff muscles in the neck and shoulders. 

When you reap the benefits of Invisalign and get straight teeth, you alleviate the stress on your TMJ, jaw, shoulders, head and neck. You can get back to a pain-free day-to-day once again. 

6. Easier chewing

The primary function of our teeth is to chew our food. But if our teeth aren’t straight, sometimes chewing and biting becomes more difficult and less efficient. With crooked teeth or misaligned jaws, we might not chew our food properly for digestion. Or we might have a limited diet because we can only chew certain foods without difficulty.

Straight teeth and a normal bite allow you to chew properly, aiding in digestion, and bonus, help with your overall enjoyment of food. Some of our patients even find that the ability to chew well with their new straight teeth opens up the world of food for them — they experience eating healthier and a greater variety of foods like never before. These are benefits of straight teeth we think are very exciting!

7. Clearer speaking ability

For some, having crooked teeth or misaligned jaws has meant persistent speech issues. To pronounce letters correctly, our teeth, lips, and tongue have to be in the right positions. Sometimes a gap between the two front teeth can result in lisp or whistle. Or if your tongue doesn’t have enough room to move because of a narrow arch, you might tend to slur your words.

Invisalign shifts teeth into their optimal positions and helps open up your arches. Orthodontic patients can look forward to improvement in their speech if they were having trouble before.

8. Reduced risk of dental injury

Front teeth that stick out, also called “buck teeth,” are more prone to injury. Buck teeth are more easily susceptible to getting chipped, cracked, or even knocked out, especially if your lips can’t close completely to cover and protect them. 

Getting straight teeth with Invisalign brings protruding teeth into alignment with your other teeth. Then they’re less likely to receive serious trauma. 

9. Better first impressions and more confidence

It’s safe to say that one of the initial benefits of a straight, gorgeous smile is a boost in confidence. The saying, “look your best, feel your best” is entirely true when it comes to a straight smile and the transformation it has on your self-esteem.

A dazzling smile also makes the best first impressions. In fact, people are naturally more drawn to those with winning smiles. We tend to think they are more successful, healthier, happier, and trustworthy. In one study published by the American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics, people with an ideal smile — straight, white teeth — were perceived by participants as more intelligent and more likely to find a job than those with crooked teeth.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the benefits of Invisalign and straight teeth can really change your life for the better. Not only can you improve your oral health but your overall health, too. “Is Invisalign worth it?” you ask now. After reading this list of 9 Invisalign benefits, it’s plain to see that it is. 

With straight teeth, you’ll enjoy:

  1. Easier and more effective brushing and flossing
  2. Lower risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  3. Stronger jaw bone and teeth support
  4. Even wear on your teeth
  5. Alleviated TMJ and facial pain
  6. Easier chewing
  7. Improved speech
  8. Decreased risk of dental trauma
  9. Better first impressions and higher self-esteem

That’s quite an impressive list of health benefits you can look forward to with straight teeth!

Take your first steps towards enjoying the health benefits of straight teeth today

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