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7 Orthodontic Myths & Facts

By January 10, 2019Blog

Orthodontic treatment has come a long way over the last decade. At Davis Orthodontics, we’ve really embraced innovations and new techniques to help our Greer and Simpsonville braces and Invisalign patients breeze through treatment and get amazing results quickly and comfortably. Yet, when patients come in, they still sometimes have misconceptions that may even make them feel hesitant about getting started on their smile journey. Well, we’re clearing up some common orthodontic myths today and countering them with facts.

Myth #1: Orthodontic treatment is only for kids and teens.

Fact: Patients of all ages can benefit from orthodontic treatment and you’re never too old to get a smile you love. More and more adults are seeking out treatment with braces and Invisalign. In fact, in North America, it’s estimated that 27% of patients at orthodontic practices are grown-ups. Orthodontic treatment is an investment in your health and wellness because the benefits of having straight teeth aren’t just cosmetic. Orthodontic treatment can make teeth easier to clean to reduce the chances of gum disease and decay, prevent wear of the teeth, improve function, which helps with chewing, speaking, jaw pain and pressure, boost your confidence and much more. The good news is, adults tend to be great candidates for aesthetic options like Invisalign, hidden lingual braces and clear braces, meaning if you want, you can keep your treatment under wraps.

Myth #2: My family dentist can straighten my teeth.

Fact: Some general dentists do offer braces and Invisalign. While straightening your teeth with your dentist could be fine if you have a very, very mild case, it’s not recommended and they won’t have the training to safely and effectively address moderate to severe malocclusions (“bad” bite). An orthodontist is a specialist who completed dental school but then went on to receive two to three more years of specialty training in an orthodontic residency program. Moving the teeth is complicated and orthodontic treatment creates permanent changes in your anatomy, so it’s really important to see a trained, experience certified specialist in orthodontics like Dr. Buddy for care. An orthodontist knows how to balance aesthetics with function to give you results that look amazing and improve your oral health.

Myth #3: Orthodontic treatment will take years.

Fact: Sure, sometimes if a patient presents with a complex issue, treatment could take several years. However, most of the time, that’s not the case. Dr. Buddy uses high-tech treatment planning to map out the movements of each individual tooth before you even spend a day in braces or aligners. This precision enhances the efficiency treatment. At our practice we also use advanced treatment options like self-ligating metal and clear braces, Incognito lingual braces and Invisalign, which all exert the ideal amount of controlled force to move the teeth effectively and more quickly into place.

Myth #4: Visiting an orthodontist for care is really expensive.

Fact: At Davis Orthodontics, we don’t think your budget should prevent you from getting your dream smile. We’re all about giving our patients value by providing the highest quality of care and treatments for a fair price. We accept all major insurance plans and offer interest-free, flexible financing to make treatment even more accessible. We also offer free consultations so you can get all of the information you need to feel confident before proceeding.

Myth #5: Office visits are unnecessary.

Fact: At-home aligners that don’t include office visits have become a big business but they pose some serious risks. It’s essential to be evaluated in-person by an experienced orthodontist and receive a customized treatment plan that takes your unique needs into account. Then, once treatment is underway, occasional office visits are key to ensuring your treatment stays on track and that we’re able to monitor the health of your teeth, gums and jaws. If a problem arises, we can quickly fix it, so you can finish treatment on time. With the technology we have today, we can go longer in between visits but monitoring is still an important part of your care.

Myth #6: Braces are unattractive and bulky.

Fact: Today’s braces are a far cry from the braces of the past. Even traditional metal braces have gotten a major makeover with smaller brackets and thinner wires. Self-ligating braces don’t require ligatures (the tiny elastics or metal ties that secure wires to the brackets), making them more streamlined and clear braces blend in with your smile. Dr. Buddy is also a Premier Provider of Incognito braces in the Upstate of South Carolina. These braces go on the back of your teeth, so they’re completely invisible and no one can see them at all when you smile. If brackets and wires aren’t your thing, you can straighten your teeth without braces by using Invisalign. The aligners are smooth and clear. Most people won’t notice you’re wearing them.

Myth #7: Invisalign only works to correct minor orthodontic issues.

Fact: When Invisalign first debuted, it was reserved for more mild orthodontic issues like minor spacing or a bit of crowding. However, the engineering and materials have continued to improve. The aligners are crafted with SmartTrack® material that moves teeth more predictably and effectively. We can also use SmartForce®  attachments with the aligners to facilitate complex tooth movements without resorting to braces. Dr. Buddy also happens to be a leading provider of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen in Simpsonville and Greer. The innovations combined with Dr. Buddy’s experience enable us to treat a wide array of cases with Invisalign, even those that wouldn’t have qualified for the treatment before.

Now that we’ve set the record straight on several common orthodontic myths, we hope you have a better understanding of the teeth-straightening process and your options. To learn more about orthodontic treatment or to get started with braces or Invisalign in Simpsonville or Greer, book a free consultation with Dr. Buddy today!