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Incognito lite vs. incognito full: Which is the best option for you?

By April 22, 2014June 13th, 2022Blog

Did you know that the Incognito Hidden Braces system features two different options for treatment? One of the most common questions we receive during a Hidden Braces consultation is “Am I a candidate for Incognito Lite?”. This is a great question and one that we can happily answer during the consultation. Let’s look at the differences between the two options and the criteria that Dr. Buddy uses to determine which works best for each individual patient.


Incognito Full typically entails placing a custom Incognito bracket on each of the teeth on the upper and lower arches. Incognito Full is typically used in patients that require more significant mechanics such as, but not limited to, overbite or underbite correction, crossbite, or impacted teeth. The great thing about Incognito Full is it allows us to treat any patient with any type of orthodontic problem.


Incognito Lite is an option we use for patients who come to use with mild to moderate crowding of their front or anterior teeth. Typically these patients do not have a bite problem, they just simply want to align their front teeth. If possible, we try to offer this option to all of our patients who would be eligible for the Lite option. With Incognito Lite, we place typically place custom Incognito braces on the front 6-8 teeth in each arch. We find that our patients love the Lite option because it eliminates the need for braces on the back or posterior teeth, allowing them to adjust to the braces faster.

Regardless of the option, both Lite and Full are tremendous cosmetic options for both Teens and Adults. To find out which option works best for you, contact us to set up your complimentary consultation.