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Our Favorite Activities at the Eastside Family YMCA

By August 16, 2018June 13th, 2022Blog

Our Favorite Activities at the Eastside Family YMCAWe love the Eastside Family YMCA here at Davis Orthodontics. A lot of our Greer Invisalign and braces patients, their families and our team members go there. With an indoor pool, wellness facility, fitness equipment, sports activities, childcare, camps and programs, there’s something for everyone. The YMCA is a valuable centerpiece of the community and the Eastside branch offers a host of Taylors and Greer family activities that are fun and affordable. With a membership, you get free childcare while you hit the gym, unlimited group exercise classes, year-round access to the pool and wellness equipment, and discounted rates for programs like youth sports. If a membership is out of your budget, the Y does offer financial assistance. However, even non-members from the community can sign-up for a lot of the programs. Here are our favorite family activities at the Eastside Family YMCA:

  • Swimming – The Eastside YMCA has an indoor pool that’s open year round. Swing by for family swim time when all ages are welcome to take a dip. For a more structured activity, try out swim lessons. Parent and child classes for tiny tots ages six to 36 months are a great way to spend time with your baby or toddler, help little ones learn basic water skills and get a grasp of the fundamentals through songs, games and activities. The Eastside Y also offers lessons for kids, teens and adults. The whole family can perfect their backstroke!
  • Group Exercise Classes – You’ll find a full range of awesome group exercise classes at the Eastside Family YMCA and members can take as many classes as they’d like. There are designated classes that allow kids between 10- and 12-years-old to participate with a parent or guardian and kids 13 and older are free to take part without a parent. If you have teens and you’re looking for a Taylors or Greer family activity, look no further. Browse the schedule, find a class that sounds enjoyable and get moving together.
  • TOGETHERHOOD TOGETHERHOOD is a program run by the YMCA of Greenville branches, a committee of Y members and a Y staff advisor that finds ways to give back and address the needs of the community. Families can volunteer in a variety of projects and help those in need, while making friends and spending time together. Past projects at the Eastside Y include helping to redo a playground at a Greer Housing Authority and collection drives for area organizations. To volunteer or get more information, email [email protected].
  • Adventure Guides – The YMCA Adventure Guides program is designed for dads and their kiddos. Father and child pairs join Expeditions of six to ten dads and their kids and meet monthly. They also take part in activities like campouts at YMCA Camp Greenville, cook-offs and bake-offs, family cookouts, a father-daughter Valentine’s Day dance and more.
  • Youth SportsDr. Buddy is a big advocate of sports for kids. In fact, he was a star golfer throughout his high school and college years. These days, he still golfs and loves playing tennis with his family. The YMCA of Greenville has outstanding youth sports programs at all of its branches, including t-ball, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, volleyball, flag football, lacrosse and tennis. Get the kids involved and make it a family affair by cheering them on at games. See what’s on the schedule. The Y also hosts the Go Kid Go Home School PE program to give homeschooled kids a place to be active and participate in sports. Just remember, if your child is one of our Simpsonville or Greer Invisalign or braces patients, have them wear a mouthguard to protect their smile!
  • Parents’ Night Out – If you have a Family Membership to the Eastside Family YMCA, one of the benefits is the Parents’ Night Out program. The Eastside branch holds Parents’ Night Out on the third Friday of the month from 6:30 to 10pm for children ages six weeks to 12 years. Parents can take some time for themselves or head out for a night on the town while the staff at the Y entertains the kids with planned activities for each age group.
  • Family Camp – Camp Greenville, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Cleveland, South Carolina, is the YMCA of Greenville’s 1,400-acre camp at 3,200 feet. Eastside Family Y members can sign up for Family Camp programs, which are held throughout the year. Financial assistance is available for those with a limited budget. Families will spend two nights in a cabin and do fun activities. The Camp Greenville staff even has a special time for little ones (ages three to six) where they supervise the younger kids so parents and older siblings can enjoy the activities with age restrictions. The cabins for the Labor Day Family Camp are full but there are still spots for the following upcoming programs:
  • Stargazers Family Camp – September 7-9, 2018 – This camp is for families who have children with Down syndrome. Activities include arts and crafts, archery, canoeing, zip lining, climbing, fishing and hiking.
  • Fall Spectrum Family Camp – October 26-28, 2018 – Fall Spectrum Family Camp is for families with a member on the autism spectrum. It will feature sensory-friendly activities, menus that accommodate special diets, crafts, hiking, visits to the animal center, zip lining, campfire fun and more. All activities are optional and attendees can also choose to have quiet time as a family.
  • Fall Family Camp – November 2-4, 2018 ­– Open to all families, Fall Family Camp will give you the chance to enjoy the changing leaves and beauty of nature while taking part in activities such as crafts, hiking, zip lining, archery and evening programs.

To stay on top of special events and the latest Taylors and Greer family activities at the Eastside Y, tune in to the branch’s Facebook page. There’s nothing like staying healthy and active with your kids and the YMCA is the place to do it. Would you also like to improve your oral health while you’re at it? Book a free consultation at Davis Orthodontics to find out how we can give you or your child a beautiful, healthy smile! Schedule a visit online or by calling us at (864) 801-3500 (Greer) or (864) 967-0053 (Simpsonville).